All Things Mobile Analytic, Inc ( ATMH ) is a worldwide technology holding company Publicly in U.S at OTC Market. It’s was founded in 2008 and recovered in 2019 by new shareholders that achieved the full control with the change on “name and a reverse split”.

ATMH plan to become mainly an aggregator holding with focus on business innovation together with technologies to deliver accessible, efficient & reliable green services and products to consumers and enterprises by investing in developing, attractive new solutions to meet challenging needs of today marketplace. ATMH will provide on- demand, practical products and softwares and AI services that. Makes it easier for business and consumers to communicate, manage their finances and process payments.

In order to improve your game, you must study the Endgame before everything else
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ATMH provides a common platform to address...

Major Growth Drivers: needs to enhance the corporate opportunities of small/medium cap for growing, valuing, exiting.

To unlock the value created thanks to the monetization of an advanced Exit.

Real-time Value addressed by the engagement with the listed company.

Focused on easier way to support new business opportunity thanks to better options of fund raising.

Engaging with investors in most effective way thanks to a major visibility.

ATMH “Federated-Centric-Platform” as strategic mission.

The “Federated-Centric-Platform ” or FCP is a new aggregation formula for small-medium sized companies or businesses that leverage their current business to further grow synergistically all together under the ATMH umbrella as one public entity.

FCP creates a Unique Positioning Strategy for the small-medium sized companies by entering in a new business synergic partnership with ATMH (the program initiator) and other entities already in the program to achieve high value for all investors.

FCP unlocks value for partner non-public companies and its investors by consolidating them with ATMH and at same time to continue as usual the operations


ATMH as common platform for developing business in a new way.

Targets players

The startup Business

The Mature Company

The partnership for growing the business