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  • January 4, 2023
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All Things Mobile Analytic, Inc. "ATMH" and SpeedTelecom1 Launches IoT Marketplace with Devices Enable Mobile IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions Used for Health Monitoring and Wellness

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2023 / All Things Mobile Analytic, Inc. (OTC PINK:ATMH) and SpeedTel com1 will start a Marketplace using NB-IoT. The Global IoT market size is projected to reach USD 650.5 Billion by 2026 at CAGR of 16.7 % during the forecast period. Sectors like: Smart Metering - Healthcare - Asset Tracking - POS - Fleet management - Smart House, this Marketplace will be managed by ATMH and SpeedTelecom1 - .

Additional services like VPN " Virtual Private Network " Dedicated APN - Pooled Data plan - White Label sim and eSim and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
eSim Profile: SpeedTel data eSim profile enables enterprise, MNO or OEM customer to integrate SpeedTel ‘s profile into their eSim solutions. Benefiting from over 600 roaming agreements in more then 190 countries, SpeedTel eSim profile provides a truly global intelligent connectivity solution for bootstrap, fallback or production use cases.

NB-IoT: Narrowband IoT solution ideal for high volume of low data in remote location and long term battery life. NB-IoT allows for long range coverage and strong signal penetration with low latency. Ideal use in underground environments like gas and water meter, monitor equipment and commercial meters and Smart & Health devices.
We 'll be ready to launch it before the end of the Q4 ( January 31st, 2023 ) a new Smart Watch suitable for elderly and people of all ages to wear, real-time care for your health, real-time location, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, exercise step counting , blood pressure, Blood Oxygen Sensing values and anti detachment alarm in case of fallings. Another outstanding product will be a wearable smart "RING " also with NFC capable contactless, it will be able to connect with an intuitive app and a portal thought B2C and B2B wellness solutions.
The new plan and the strategy of ATMH is based on emphasizing the determination to focus on these priorities and building a proper portfolio of revenues which will flow into the company in order to improve the market position and ultimately, maximize shareholder value. In line with this turn-around process, just after the Q4 we'll sign a long term contract with new office location in Miami with full time employees. Relevant goals are in the agenda of ATMH as outcome of the new approach for 2023.
We will keep you informed in the coming weeks to highlight what we are executing to support our ambitious new M & A's.

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