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  • April 26, 2023
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ALL THINGS MOBILE ANALYTIC, INC. PayToGo Services & PWA WebApp Pushing Technology

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2023 All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (OTC Pink:ATMH) Recently, facial-recognition payment (FRP, or Scan the face to pay,) has gained popularity as a new digital-payment method at physical stores.

Unlike the United States, China already has widespread mobile payment as a primary method of making purchases. In some places, cash isn't accepted - only mobile payment. A shopper can leave home without her purse or phone.

This wallet-free reality is largely due to QR-code scanning: people scan the QR code of a shop and pay the amount of the order on their phones. Facial recognition takes this process a step further - you don't even need your phone or Smart watch or a smart ring , just your face.

How Facial-Recognition Payment Works.

Let's look at the example of a bakery or a Newsstand store , 1 * specialized touchscreen device is placed at the checkout counter of the bakery. It's similar in size to an iPad Mini, the device with PayToGo ( ) app has access to the facial-information database of the parent company. So, if PayToGo ( an ATMH Brand and Product : ) " has your picture, you will be in its facial-information database, and the machine will be able to find you". The cashier enters the amount of money for the order, which is then shown on the device screen. A user just needs 5 seconds and two taps to finish the payment: The user taps Pay with Face Recognition on the screen of the device. The device scans the face and recognizes the user. The user then taps Confirm Payment and is done.

Facial-Recognition Payment vs. Face ID

At first glance, facial recognition payment might seem very similar to the process of using Apple Pay on an iPhone: the newer iPhones (iPhone X and newer) use "Face ID" to check identity and approve payment. However, the key difference here is the reliance on a device. To use Apple Pay via Face ID, users must own a late-model iPhone, must have it with them, and have it at least partially charged. To use FRP with PayToGo app, users only need to have a validated account and an associated with a Debit card or Credit Card or bank account, no matter what types of phones they have (or if they have a phone with them at all). This technology enables a much larger audience to pay with their faces without worrying about the compatibility of their devices. Thus, FRP allows even users who own old-fashioned phones to pay with their faces.

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